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Company profile

Telux company produces electronic devices with focus on custom manufacturing.

Production is focused mainly on:

  • Assembling of PCBs with SMT and THT technology
  • Ensuring the delivery of bare PCBs
  • Ensuring the delivery of silk-screen stencils for soldering paste application
  • Delivery of all components needed
  • Feasibility from piece production
  • Software debugging and adjustments
  • Assembly services for devices

Besides long-term experience, quality and effectiveness of production is guaranteed by:

  • High-tech equipment for particular production stages
  • Purchase of components from reliable partners
  • Experienced team of employees, time management and flexibility
  • Implemented management system

TELUX company holds the following certificates:

Quality management systems

STN EN ISO 14001
Environmental management systems

Occupational health and safety management systems

STN EN ISO 50001
Energy management systems

We produce electronics for various environments:

Dental and medical compressors