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THT assembling of PCBs

PCB Assembling

Shaping, cutting and assembling of components is done manually with bending jigs. For faster work it is recommended not to send bulk components. Tape/reel or taped/ammopack version is more convenient. This is, however, not a condition.


Technical bases needed for THT assembling:

  • List of components (MS Excel)
  • Assembly plan (PDF)
  • Specification of procedure (if needed)


PCB soldering

Soldering is carried out by VERSAFLOW 345 machines for selective soldering from ERSA company. This procedure is executed in an inert atmosphere, so that we avoid oxidation of solder during the procedure. In case it is not possible to use these machines, we solder manually with JBC soldering stations, on which the soldering temperature is adjustable and the operator cannot change it. In both cases we use lead or lead-free tin depending on customers demands and the assumed purpose of the product.




Custom manufacturing of electronic devices


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