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SMT assembling of PCBs

Application of soldering paste

  • Done with metal stencils by screen printing machine VERSAPRINT or by manually controlled machine UNIPRINT
  • Maximum size of printed pattern is 610mm x 510mm
  • We use soldering paste from Kester company, other types only when requested

PCB Assembling

PCB assembling is run by SM-421 or DECAN F2 machines by SAMSUNG. Capacity of both machines altogether is 75 000 per hour in accordance with IPC. Our technology allows us to assemble components of this size:
0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206 …, SOT23, SOT89, SOT122, SO8, SO16, PLCC4-84, QFP 0,5mm, BGA …


Technical bases needed for SMT assembling:

  • List of components (MS Excel if possible)
  • Assembly plan (PDF if possible)
  • Specification of procedure (if needed)
  • Coordinates of components centres (MS Excel if possible)
  • Gerber files for stencil production


Soldering paste melting

Melting is carried out in an inert atmosphere. For this operation we use vapour soldering technology. This technology prevents solder from oxidation and components are soldered in high quality. The operation is done with equipment by ASSCON and IBL company.

Custom manufacturing of electronic devices


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